About Tree’n’Farm

The world of camping is a big one!

When I first started getting in to camping as a kid, I was lucky enough to have my Dad to take me through all the basics. 

I had what you’d probably think of as being the ultimate outdoors childhood. Whilst many inner city kids might have been happy with spending their weekends running round town and getting into trouble, I found myself drawn to the countryside more than the multiplexes and shopping centres. I mostly thank (or blame?) my Father for this.

My Dad had grown up in the Cotswolds and enjoyed a childhood that was ram-packed with outdoor activities. To him the great outdoors was a playground that was free to enjoy and filled with endless fascination. Although he couldn’t afford to take part in the kind of activities that he would later grow to love (canoeing, mountain biking and climbing) my Dad loved camping more than anything else and a tent was the one luxury that his family could always afford.

Regardless of how much money we had growing up, my Dad would always ensure that we would go on at least one camping holiday a year. These annual trips were one of my favourite things growing up and it was through these trips that I was taught the value of spending time outdoors.

Some people describe camping as an art. These people will insist that being able to put up a tent is something that takes more than just practice. I think that there’s a tendency for people to get bogged down in the nitty-gritty of camping. The most important thing to remember is your personal safety, the second thing is to have fun!

This site is aimed to help all kinds of campers. For those that are just starting out, I’ll be able to give you some tips on what gear to buy. For the more experienced amongst you, I can fill you in with where I’ve been going on my own camping adventures and give a little advice about where’s best to go!

I hope you find what you’re looking for on here, if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate in sending me a message using the Contact page!